Weekends/Free Time

I don’t know about you, but my free time has always been what stops me from going crazy – I decided to post this cause it happens to be the weekend where I am! Its  a warming thought to think I don’t have school today and that I have a seemingly endless amount of ”me tim”(excluding chores of course!). I’m not a morning person so when I wake up early on accident it comes as a bit of a blow haha, I spend so much of my time surrounded by people and don’t get me wrong – I’m a social person but I love interacting with people as much as I love to sit at home by myself indulged in technology or a good book. Most people are slit into these catogories but I find I’m more in the middle.

I still haven’t quite got the hang of this interesting blogging app but hopefully I will become familiar with it soon! I still haven’t managed to put a picture in my display box but hopefully I will soon learn how to do that! 

By from Bailsx 


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