Weekends/Free Time

I don’t know about you, but my free time has always been what stops me from going crazy – I decided to post this cause it happens to be the weekend where I am! Its  a warming thought to think I don’t have school today and that I have a seemingly endless amount of ”me tim”(excluding chores of course!). I’m not a morning person so when I wake up early on accident it comes as a bit of a blow haha, I spend so much of my time surrounded by people and don’t get me wrong – I’m a social person but I love interacting with people as much as I love to sit at home by myself indulged in technology or a good book. Most people are slit into these catogories but I find I’m more in the middle.

I still haven’t quite got the hang of this interesting blogging app but hopefully I will become familiar with it soon! I still haven’t managed to put a picture in my display box but hopefully I will soon learn how to do that! 

By from Bailsx 



Hi. This is my very first blog post and if you happen to have come across this blog, on purpose or by accident I wouldn’t know – this is for one purpose and one purpose only. To spill all my thoughts, feelings and my life’s moments. I don’t know if anyone will ever read this but I’m giving it a shot, hopefully as a fellow teen you will be able to relate to things and say ‘I’m not the only one’ every now and again!For the sake of my identity I intended to stay anonymous.

Bye from Bailsx